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Filter Adapter M30.5 x 0.5 from M30.5 x 0.5 (Female)


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Filter Thread:
M30.5 x 0.50 (Female)
Outer Diameter (mm):
Thickness (mm):
Front Thread:
M30.5 x 0.5 (Female)
Lens Accessory
Clear Aperture CA (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Description

Compatible with all 50mm focal length compact instrumentation lenses

Product Family Description

  • Up to 2/3", C-Mount Lens
  • Up to 7.5 MegaPixels, 2.8µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Instrumentation (Ci) Versions of our C Series Lenses with Streamlined Mechanical Designs and Fixed Apertures
  • 3.5mm to 50mm Focal Length
  • Ruggedized (Cr) Designs Also Available

Our TECHSPEC® Ci Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are a streamlined version of our C Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses. They feature the same low lens-to-lens variation and broadband anti-reflection (BBAR) coating for maximum light transmission, while offering reduced weight and size. An adjustable, lockable focus allows for setting and locking the best focus position for instrumentation integration. The Ci Series offers a wide range of aperture options, ensuring maximum flexibility of resolution, throughput, and depth of field. These compact lenses are designed specifically for volume integration into applications such as factory inspection and automation to benchtop biomedical devices.

Edmund Optics has created a family of high performance optical designs (the C Series family) and developed 6 customized optomechanical solutions targeted for specific applications. These lens sub-families utilize the same optics as the C Series lenses providing the same optical performance in a variety of optomechanical solutions to meet your application requirements:

  • C Series: Features locking cam focus and iris adjustment and is the most adjustable version of these optical designs; they are the typical high quality machine vision lenses. Also available with a VIS-NIR Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR) Coating.
  • Ci Series: Simplified mechanics featuring fixed apertures with compact housing. Industrial Ruggedization for reduced size, cost, and locked focus.
  • Cr Series: All optics glued in place and a locking C-clamp focus ring. Stabilized Ruggedization for reduced pixel shift and improved focus stability.
  • Cx Series: Modular, flexible mechanics allows lenses to be taken apart for easy integration of accessories such as liquid lenses, apertures, and more.
  • Liquid Lens Cx Series: Designed with an integrated liquid lens for quick autofocus.
  • Cw Series: Waterproof, designed to meet IEC Ingress Protection Code IPX7 and IPX9K.
Focal Length A B C D
6mm M34.0 x 0.5 47.8mm 34mm 1.17mm
12mm M22.0 x 0.75 29.0mm 22mm 0.96mm
16mm M22.0 x 0.75 40.8mm 22mm 1.09mm
25mm M22.0 x 0.75 29.9mm 22mm 1.33mm
35mm M25.5 x 0.5 41mm 22.5mm 3.82mm
50mm M30.5 x 0.5 49.5mm 30.5mm 2.06mm
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