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Edmund Optics® has four specialty catalogs, each dedicated to your specific need. Inside you’ll find thousands of products, supported by pertinent technical information and tutorials on how to select the appropriate part for your application. Request your print catalog today... or select a virtual experience via our digital catalog, with direct links to website presentations to make your purchase fast and easy. Edmund Optics®’ website is the best place to find our ever-growing selection of over 34,000 products with up to date pricing and availability.

Optics CatalogOptics & Photonics

Optics & Photonics

EO’s flagship catalog featuring 468 pages of optical and optomechanical components. An essential tool for anyone in the optics industry.

The digital version of Australia catalog is now available with Australian Dollar (A$) pricing! Click 'VIEW DIGITAL VERSION' below to browse (the print version of Australia catalog is not available and the pricing are still in S$).

Imaging Optics CatalogImaging Optics

Imaging Optics

The 196-page Imaging Optics catalog features over 1,700 unique stock imaging lenses, cameras, filters, illumination, and more. Plus, we’ve included over 40 pages of technical content to help optimize your imaging system performance.

Note: The digital and print version of this catalog are now available in S$ pricing!

Laser Optics CatalogLaser Optics Catalog

Laser Optics

This 166-page catalog is a technical resource for laser optics solutions. Containing 50 pages of technical notes, a wide range of precision products, plus equations and terminology, this valuable resource is designed to help you understand the complexities of laser optics.

Note: The digital and print version of this catalog are now available in S$ pricing!

Digital Brochures

Optics Enabling Advanced Diagnostics

Optics Enabling Advanced Diagnostics

From antibody and fever detection to UV-guided sanitizing robots, optics are vital components in many devices currently being used to diagnose and fight COVID-19. This 24-page resource includes case studies, technical notes, and Edmund Optics® products designed for medical diagnostic and disease-fighting applications.

Capabilities Guide

Capabilities Guide

From prototype to volume production, off-the-shelf or custom, Edmund Optics can provide the optical components to meet your specific need. This useful guide offers an overview of EO’s global design and manufacturing services, including full specifications and production capabilities for EO’s most popular optics.


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