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Veluminum™ Panels Veluminum™ Panels
  • Engineered Anodized Aluminum Surfaces to Reduce Reflectivity
  • High Absorbance of Visible Light
  • 25.4mm Dia. for Integration into Benchtop Systems
Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film
Top Seller
  • Diffusive, Lambertian, or Specular Reflectance
  • Extremely Wide Band Performance from the UV to IR
  • Standard, Low Outgassing, and No Adhesive Options
  • Larger Rolls Also Available
Optopolymer® Diffuse Reflecting Film Optopolymer® Diffuse Reflecting Film New
  • Optical PTFE Material with Lambertian Reflection
  • High Reflectance from 250 - 2500nm
  • High UV Stability and Chemical Resistance
UV Protective Eyewear UV Protective Eyewear
  • High Visible Light Transmission
  • Provide Protection from 254 to 365nm
  • Goggles or Spectacles Designs
Acktar Hexa-Black™ Panel
Acktar Light Absorbent Panels New
  • Mountable Acktar Spectral Black™, Metal Velvet™, and Hexa-Black™ Technologies
  • High Performance from UV to MWIR and UV to LWIR
  • Low Hemispherical Reflectance
Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film Rolls	Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film Rolls
  • 25m Large Roll Formats for Volume Applications
  • MaxiBlack™, Metal Velvet™, or Spectral Black™ Coatings
  • Standard, Low Outgassing, or No Adhesive Options
  • Smaller Sheet Sizes Also Available
10 Micro Screwdrivers 10 Micro Screwdrivers
  • 10 Piece Set of Micro Screwdrivers
  • Six Fixed Blades and Four Phillips Heads
Allen Wrenches Allen Wrenches
  • English and Metric
Ball-Point Hex Driver Sets Ball-Point Hex Driver Sets
  • English and Metric Driver Sets
  • Up to 25° Angled Entry into Fasteners
  • Ideal for use with the TECHSPEC® Cage System
EO Lab Component Storage EO Lab Component Storage
  • 24 Individual Drawers
  • Convenient Storage for Lab Supplies
  • Durable Boxes with Labels for Organization
ESD Static Control Products ESD Static Control Products
  • Cleanroom Compatible Elastic Adjustable Wrist Straps
  • Statfree® Premium Type T2 Worksurface Mats
Light Absorbing Black-Out Material Light Absorbing Black-Out Material
Top Seller
  • For Light Trapping, Baffling, Beam Stopping
Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges
  • Lower Price - Limited Time on Select Products
  • Precision Mitutoyo Micrometers
  • High Measurement Resolution
  • Measure 0 to 6" (0 to 150mm) in 0.0005" (0.01mm) Increments
Optical Bench Hardware Optical Bench Hardware
  • Variety of Standard ¼-20 Hardware
  • Delrin Washers, Phillip Screws, Set Screws, Thumb Screws, SHCS, and More
  • #55-192 1/8" Hex Size Allen Wrench used with ¼-20 Socket Head Set Screws
Optics Cleaning Brushes Optics Cleaning Brushes
Top Seller
  • Perfect for Cleaning Optics Safely
  • Quick Solution for Removing Dust and Lint
  • Ideal for Use when Solvents will Cause Damage
Shock Absorbing Sorbothane® Sheets Shock Absorbing Sorbothane® Sheets
Socket Head Cap Screw Kits Socket Head Cap Screw Kits
  • English and Metric Kits Available
  • Comes with Storage Case
  • Comes with Most Popular Sizes and Lengths
Socket Head Cap Screws Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Head Set Screw Kits Socket Head Set Screw Kits
  • English and Metric Kits Available
  • Includes Most Frequently Requested Socket Head Set Screws
Socket Head Set Screws Socket Head Set Screws
Spanner Wrench Spanner Wrench
Top Seller
  • Adjustable Spanner Wrench
  • 4.5" Maximum Diameter
  • Straight Blades and Round Point Tips
Surface Roughness Standard Surface Roughness Standard
  • Conforms to S.A.E. and Military Specifications
  • Manufactured to ANSI-B-46.1-1985
  • A Composite Set of 30 Standards
Thread Adapters Thread Adapters
TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More
  • Stainless Steel Thread-to-Thread Adapters
  • Interchangeable with Post Adapter Studs
  • Can use on Top or Bottom of Posts
Toolkits Toolkits
  • 6 Piece Tweezers or Pliers Toolkits
  • 7 Piece Screwdriver Toolkit

General Tools are used to measure or test the accuracy of components in optical systems for a wide range of applications. General Tools consist of instruments such as screwdrivers, spanner wrenches, angle blocks, or thread gauges designed to inspect the functionality of optical systems. A wide range of General Tools are available for a number of measurement needs.

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