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Filter Cube for Olympus BX2/IX2 Microscopes

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Model Number:
Thickness of Compatible Optics (mm):
Excitation Filters: up to 6mm
Emission Filters: up to 6mm
Dichroic Mirror: up to 1mm
Fluorescence Filter Kit
Compatible with Olympus BX2 and IX2 Series Microscope
Dimensions of Compatible Optics (mm):
Excitation Filter: 25mm Dia.
Emission Filter: 25mm Dia.
Dichroic Mirror: 38 x 26mm

Regulatory Compliance

Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

Olympus Tube Lenses and Accessories are specifically designed for use with Olympus microscopes or objectives.

The Olympus Empty Filter Cubes can accept 25mm diameter excitation and emission filters and 25.2 x 35.6mm dichroic filters for customized fluorescence configurations. The #86-832 Filter Cube is compatible with Olympus BX2 (BX61/51/41) and IX2 (IX81/71/51) series microscopes. The #86-833 Filter Cube is compatible with Olympus BX3 (BX63/53/43) and IX3 (IX83/73/53) series microscopes. Pre-Mounted Fluorescence Filter Cube Sets utilizing the #86-833 Filter Cube are available for a variety of standard fluorophores.

Olympus Tube Lenses feature a 180mm focal length. The Olympus Wide Field Tube Lens (#36-401) offers a wide 26.5mm diameter image circle, and can be easily integrated into T-Mount systems with the Olympus Wide Field Tube Lens to T-Mount Holder (#11-149)*. The Olympus Single Port Tube Lens (#86-835) features a smaller 22mm diameter image circle, but is designed to easily integrate with microscope observation tubes for video observation. A C-Mount video microscope can be configured by using the #86-835 tube lens, #89-606 Olympus C-Mount Adapter, and #89-605 Olympus 1X Camera Coupler.

Olympus Low Auto Fluorescence Immersion Oil #86-834 is designed for use with Oil Immersion Objectives to achieve a high numerical aperture. The immersion oil is specially formulated for reducing autofluorescence that is typically associated with oils, making it an ideal choice for Fluorescence Microscopy applications. 

*Note: The four socket head cap screws must be removed to mount the #36-401 Olympus Wide Field Tube Lens in the #11-149 Olympus Wide Field Tube Lens to T-Mount Holder. See Technical Information Tab.

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