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Pixelink μScope Essentials Microscopy Software

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Camera Accessory

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Product Family Description

  • High Resolution Sensors up to 20 MegaPixel
  • Pixelink® Capture Software Included
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Optional Three-Tier μScope Microscopy Software

Pixelink® M-Series Microscopy Cameras provide cost-effective, high-resolution imaging capabilities for both brightfield and darkfield microscopy. These cameras are designed to capture high resolution images at up to 20MP and are available with various sensor sizes and frame rates. These cameras include a USB 3.0 cable and Pixelink® Capture Software, making it easy to integrate into existing microscopy systems in a variety of laboratory settings. The optional three-tier μScope Microscopy Software (Essentials, Standard, Professional) offers advanced microscopy targeted features and measurement tools such as live measurement, time lapse capture, and live image comparison. Pixelink® M-Series Microscopy Cameras are ideal for demanding applications requiring high resolution and low noise imaging including life science, metrology, and medical imaging.

Note: Pixelink® Capture Software available for download. USB 3.0 cable included.

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