25.0/25.4mm Optic Dia., E-Series Clear Edge Kinematic Mount

#17-279, 25.0/25.4mm Optic Dia., E-Series Clear Edge Kinematic Mount

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Adjustable - Tip-Tilt
Type of Optics:
Size of Compatible Optics (mm):
25.0 - 25.4
Number of Adjustment Screws:
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Aluminum Plates, Stainless Steel Screws, and Brass Thread Bushings
Fine Tilt Angle (°):
Fine Tip Angle (°):
Adjustment Screw Pitch (mm):
Compatible Post:
M6 x 1.0, M4 x 0.7, 8-32
Min. Thickness of Compatible Optics (mm):
Optical Axis Height (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 233:

Product Family Description

  • 120° Clear Edge for Mounting Beamsplitters and Transmissive Optics
  • Economically Priced
  • Essential Mounts for Experiments and OEM Systems

E-Series Clear Edge Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts offer many features essential for applications in R&D, prototyping, and system integration. Featuring a 120° cut out, these mounts are ideal for mounting beamsplitters and transmissive optics while accommodating a wider beam path when mounted at a 45° angle. The two M6 x 0.25 (101.6 TPI) adjustment screws provide smooth movement and can be driven by hand or by Allen key (2mm key size) for tip and tilt optical adjustment and alignment (±3.5°). The adjustment screw knobs are removable to create a more compact form factor. E-Series Clear Edge Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts feature mounting holes with both a counterbore designed to accommodate M4 or 8-32 mounting hardware, and M6 x 1.0 internal threads for increased mounting versatility and direct compatibility to TECHSPEC® Stainless Steel Mounting Posts and Pedestal Posts.

Technical Information


Optical Mount Dia.


A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
12.5/12.7 43.5 25.4 8.0 39.5
25/25.4 43.5 25.4 8.0 39.5
50/50.8 66.0 38.1 10.0 41.5
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