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Nikon CF160 Objective Adapter (M25)

InFocus Module for Leica, #33-139

InFocus Module for Leica, #33-139 InFocus Module for Nikon/Olympus/Mitutoyo/Achrovid, #33-137 InFocus Module for Zeiss ICS, #33-138
InFocus Module for Leica, #33-139
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Lens Accessory

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Product Family Description

  • Enable Dynamic Optical Focusing and Reduce Spherical Aberration
  • Compatible With All Infinity Corrected Objectives
  • Color Matched for Major Brand Objectives

InFocus™ Dynamic Optical Focusing Systems are used with microscopes to enable dynamic optical focusing, and drastically reduce the spherical aberration caused by the sample’s cover glass thickness or suspension fluid. These dynamic optical focusing systems eliminate the need for correction collars and expensive motorized computer activation. InFocus™ Dynamic Optical Focusing Systems allows micromanipulation of the microscope, and can be integrated with any infinity corrected objectives. Variations in magnification are minimal over the range of focal translation. InFocus™ Dynamic Optical Focusing System modules are color corrected for Mitutoyo, Achrovid, Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, or Olympus objectives and can be connected to most major brand microscopes using a series of stand adapters (sold separately).

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