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CentriMax™ MX-LR Objective

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Lens Accessory

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
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Product Family Description

  • CentriTel® Internal Focusing System for Constant Magnification
  • Focuses from 3000mm to 60mm with MX-Series Objectives
  • Can be Equipped with Infinity-corrected Microscope Objectives
  • Coaxial In-line Illuminator (Optional) for Reflective Objects

CentriMax™ can be actively focused anywhere from 3000mm to 60mm by using supplemental MX-Series objectives. Once a working distance is chosen, its patented CentriTel® internal focusing system allows for focusing from top to bottom of objects without change in magnification. Unlike InfiniMax™, CentriMax™ does not need physical movement to maintain magnification by a resetting of the focus. Rather, the CentriTel® internal focusing system maintains constant magnification during focal translation. Depth details peel away, yet magnification remains essentially constant. CentriMax™ is perfect for z-sectioning and making measurements from a fixed position. This lens also features a variable iris diaphragm for increased depth of field without altering CentriTel® characteristics. Other accessories include: supplemental adapters (transmitted or coaxial) for use with Achrovid™, Mitutoyo, Edmund, Olympus, or Nikon infinity corrected objectives.

Objective Working Distance Magnification Field of View, FOV
MX-LR (#86-894) 3000mm 0.11X 7.0mm
1330mm 0.25X 8.1mm
530mm 0.58X 14.0mm
MX-1 (#56-014) 310mm 0.96X 7.0mm
400mm 0.83X 8.1mm
690mm 0.48X 14.0mm
MX-2 (#56-015) 240mm 1.22X 5.5mm
295mm 1.12X 6.0mm
425mm 0.74X 9.0mm
MX-3 (#56-016) 175mm 1.76X 3.8mm
218mm 1.49X 4.5mm
273mm 1.12X 6.0mm
MX-4 (#56-017) 165mm 1.91X 3.5mm
190mm 1.68X 4.0mm
238mm 1.34X 5.0mm
MX-5 (#56-018) 130mm 2.23X 3.0mm
145mm 2.09X 3.2mm
175mm 1.68X 4.0mm
MX-6 (#56-019) 60mm 4.47X 1.5mm
65mm 4.47X 1.5mm
70mm 4.19X 1.6mm
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