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5V DC Power Supply

5V DC Power Supply, #83-855

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Product Family Description

  • TTL Modulation up to 10kHz
  • Transverse Mode TEM00
  • Blue, Green, Yellow, and IR Output Wavelengths

DPSS Pointing Lasers are diode pumped solid state lasers available in output powers ranging from 1 to 100mW. With their solid state design, these lasers offer excellent mode purity and low divergence, making them ideal for applications that require long projection distances. The turnkey design featuring integrated optics and electronics in a single package is suitable for a variety of plug and play operations. DPSS Pointing Lasers provide high brightness circular output beams and are ideal for many different OEM applications. TEC Controller is strongly recommended to ensure stable output power.

Note: Power supplies, TEC Controller (#19-476), Line Projection Heads (for 532nm - #37-093)(for 1064nm - #37-097), and mounting brackets (#37-144) are sold separately.

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