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50mm SWIR Series Fixed Focal Length Lens, M42 x 1.0

50mm SWIR Fixed Focal Length Lens

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Focal Length FL (mm):
Maximum Sensor Format:
Aperture (f/#):
f/2.15 - f/16
Working Distance (mm):
275 - ∞
Maximum Image Circle (mm):
Numerical Aperture NA, Object Side:
Entrance Pupil Position (mm):
Exit Pupil Position (mm):
Object Space Principal Plane (mm):
Image Space Principal Plane (mm):
Primary Magnification PMAG:
Field of View at Max Sensor Format:
Horizontal: 116.8mm - 23.3°
Vertical: 87.4mm - 17.5°
Diagonal: 146.3mm - 29°
Horizontal Field of View, 4/3" Sensor:
98.5mm - 19.7°
Horizontal Field of View, 1.1" Sensor:
80.7mm - 16.2°
Horizontal Field of View, 1" Sensor:
72.7mm - 14.6°
Horizontal Field of View, 2/3" Sensor:
50.0mm - 10.0°
Horizontal Field of View, 1/1.8" Sensor:
40.9mm - 8.2°
Horizontal Field of View, 1/2" Sensor:
36.3mm - 7.3°
Horizontal Field of View, 1/2.5" Sensor:
32.9mm - 6.6°
Horizontal Field of View, 1/3" Sensor:
27.2mm - 5.5°
Horizontal Field of View, 1/4" Sensor:
20.4mm - 4.1°
Horizontal Field of View, 20.5mm Sensor:
112.3mm - 23.4°
Horizontal Field of View, 25.6mm Sensor:
140.7mm - 29.8°
Maximum Distortion (%):
Coating Specification:
0.8 - 1.8μm BBAR
Filter Thread:
M43 x 0.75 (Female)
Length (mm):
Maximum Diameter (mm):
Maximum Rear Protrusion (mm):
Number of Elements (Groups):
10 (6)
Iris Option:
M42 x 1.0
Fixed Focal Length Lens
Weight (g):
Lens will cover larger 25.6mm and 20.5mm line scan sensors.

Regulatory Compliance


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Product Family Description

  • 4/3", C-Mount, M42, F-Mount Lens
  • Up to 3 MegaPixels, 10µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Designed and Optimized for SWIR (900-1700nm) InGaAs Sensors
  • 25mm to 100mm Focal Length

TECHSPEC® SWIR Series Fixed Focal Length Imaging Lenses are compact, lightweight lenses designed for applications operating in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectra, ranging from 0.9 – 1.7μm. These lenses feature SWIR-optimized optical designs, glass types, and AR coatings from 0.8 – 1.8μm. Designed for high throughput and superior performance, the SWIR Series lenses are commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) lenses with low f/#’s, covering large 25mm sensors. TECHSPEC® SWIR Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are ideal for a range of applications including inspection, sorting, and quality control.

Technical Information

Stock No. (Focal Length, Mount) A B C D Filter Thread
#83-160 (25mm, C-Mount) 40mm 63.5mm 40mm 7.62mm M34 x 0.5
#83-165 (50mm, C-Mount) 56mm 112mm 55mm 0mm M43 x 0.75
#83-166 (50mm, F-Mount) 56mm 103mm 55mm 28mm M43 x 0.75
#83-167 (50mm, M42 x 1.0) 56mm 124mm 55mm 0mm M43 x 0.75
#83-170 (100mm, C-Mount) 84mm 180.1mm 84mm 0mm M72 x 0.75
#83-171 (100mm, F-Mount) 84mm 151.1mm 84mm 0mm M72 x 0.75
#83-172 (100mm, M42 x 1.0) 84mm 191.8mm 84mm 0mm M72 x 0.75
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