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Diffuser for 50mm O.D. High Angle LED Ring Lights

High Angle LED Ring Lights

High Angle LED Ring Lights Low Angle LED Ring Lights
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Diffuser for 50mm O.D.
Use #35-297 Adapter Ring together to attach to the LED light

Regulatory Compliance

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Product Family Description

  • Direct Illumination and Diffuse Illumination models are Available
  • High Angle and Low Angle Options
  • Diffuse Illumination Models work as both High Angle and Low Angle Illuminations

CCS LED ring lights are available in direct illumination or diffuse illumination models. Direct illumination models enable direct lighting from LED lamps to objects for brightest illumination, while diffuse illumination models featuring surface mounted LEDs and specialized diffusers provide even illumination while maintaining high light intensity. Diffuse illumination models also work not only as high angle illumination for brightfield applications, but also low angle illumination for darkfield ones based on the working distance to the object.

Note: A power supply is required for operation.

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