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2.8mm2 Two-Element Segmented Photodiode

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Operating Temperature (°C):
-40 to 100
Size of Active Area (mm):
0.6 x 4.6
Storage Temperature (°C):
-55 to 125
Rise Time (ns):
Responsivity @ 970nm (A/W):
Minimum: 0.6
Typical: 0.65
Capacitance @ VR=-10V (pF):
Active Area (mm2):
Noise Equivalent Power NEP (W/ Hz1/2):
9.9 x 10-15 @ -10 V, 970nm
Maximum Reverse Voltage (V):
Model Number:
41 / TO-5
Dark Current @ VR=-10V (nA):
Maximum: 2
Typical: 0.13
Element Gap (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 223:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • High Stability Over Temperature and Time
  • Excellent Resolution, High Accuracy, Ultra-Low Dark Current
  • Two or Four Separate Active Area Segments
  • Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes Also Available

Segmented Photodiodes are designed for a wide variety of applications that require high stability and fast response times. Featuring position resolutions of greater than 0.1μm, Segmented Photodiodes are ideal for surface profiling, position measurement, alignment, or targeting. Segmented Photodiodes are segmented into either two or four separate active areas and have spectral response ranges from 350 – 1100nm. The segmented regions allow various measurement profiles on a single detector.

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