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Low GDD Dielectric Ultrafast Laser Mirrors

    • GDD as Low as ±20fs2 at Design Wavelength Range
    • Greater than 99.9% Reflectivity
    • Ideal for Ti:sapphire and Yb:doped Ultrafast Lasers

    TECHSPEC® Low GDD Dielectric Ultrafast Laser Mirrors feature a multilayer dielectric coating on fused silica substrates for excellent reflectivity of greater than 99.9%, and low coefficient of thermal expansion, making them ideal for ultrafast beam transport applications. These mirrors have a group delay dispersion (GDD) of near zero at their design wavelength range, minimizing dispersion of the reflected beam. TECHSPEC® Low GDD Dielectric Ultrafast Laser Mirrors are ideal for utilizing the first and second harmonic of Ti:sapphire and Yb:doped lasers for applications such as laser machining and welding.  

    Note: Please contact us if your application requires a TECHSPEC Low GDD Ultrafast Mirror with a custom wavelength, angle, or size.

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