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Automated Upright Microscope

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Automated Upright Microscope

Automated Upright Microscope

Automated Upright Microscopes are fully compatible with the Zaber™ Motion Library and μManager Open-Source Microscopy Software to completely automate the imaging experience. These microscopes combine Zaber’s motorized XY travel and Z-focus movement control with industry leading Olympus, Nikon CFI60, Zeiss, or Edmund Optics TECHSPEC® 120i Objectives. A 100 x 120mm travel XY stage, motorized objective and filter cube turrets, and a programmable 3-axis joystick are included with the microscope body to assemble a complete microscope system. Automated Upright Microscopes require stage inserts, sold separately, (Well Plate, Breadboad, or Slide Holder) for precise and secure mounting of samples. Epi-illuminators are available, sold separately, to provide high intensity light with 3 LED lamp channels: 385, 473, and 568nm, or 385, 625nm, and White.

Note: All necessary mounting hardware, cabling, and a power supply are included with each microscope configuration. Stage inserts and illumination accessories are sold separately and required for operation.

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