Scott Sparrold

My life’s passion is lens design for refractive imaging systems for color correction, and/or passive athermalization while balancing cost vs. performance.Right Quotation Mark

Scott Sparrold is a Principal Engineer at Edmund Optics’ Barrington, NJ, USA office. He has over two decades worth of experience shepherding photons to serve man. Prior to joining Edmund Optics, Scott had the privilege of working at a range of optical companies including a defense organization with an army of specialist engineers to telecom and SBIR startups. He now enjoys designing lenses for Edmund Optics due to the great balance of affordability vs. design speed vs. technical performance in a diversity of wavebands, industries, and applications while using many optical fabrication and metrology tools. Scott also loves discussing aberration balancing, lens design for reduced sensitivities, color correction, and any physical thing that can be used to control photons from spheres to freeforms, GRINs to diffractives. Scott received a B.S. and M.S. at the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona.


Published Articles

Scott has authored 20 articles on topics such as static freeform surfaces and dynamic freeforms for aerodynamic missile domes, designing for reduced v-number sensitivities, asphere design, simultaneous SWIR/LWIR refractive imaging, graphical two material selection for passive athermalization and color correction, diffractives, achrotech, and spherical aberration plates.


Scott holds 14 patents in free form optics for aerodynamic missiles, dynamic aberrations, scintillation reduction in semi active seekers, innovations in free space optics/laser telecommunications.

Videos Featured In

Member of

  • Theta Tau Engineering Fraternity
  • OSA
  • SPIE

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